Minesweeper: Back in Time

I remember when my family ditched the IBM PC Jr. for a new 386 machine and the wonders of Windows 3.1.  Wow.  Not only could we actually enjoy using the computer, there were all of these free games that came with Windows.  Solitaire; Hearts; and the favorite, Minesweeper.

I remember playing Minesweeper in Windows 95, and then in 98.  When we received our new computer about 7 years ago – replete with Windows XP – Minesweeper was gone, replaced by new games like Pinball (which is extremely enjoyable).

So imagine my surprise when I [finally] found the games folder on our new computer and saw Minesweeper there.  But this is not Gen X’s Minesweeper.  No, sir.  This is the new and improved Minesweeper.

Thanks, Microsoft.  I love it.  (And how often do we get to say that?)


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